Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes

Do you love to sew? Do you wish you knew how to sew? The House of Couture in Danville is now offering sewing alterations classes for custom dresses and more. We will teach you the necessary skills to do clothing alterations. Learn to make your own alterations to store bought clothing including marking, shortening, and lengthening.

Sharifa Raouf owner of The House of Couture has been in business for over 25 years. Sharifa has been designing and creating custom dresses, men’s and women’s suits, bridal gowns and more over the last two decades. Whether you want to learn to alter for yourself or maybe want to get in the business these classes are for you. We will give you step by step instructions on simple techniques you will be able to use to custom fit all the clothes in your closet.

House of Couture Classes

Learn to become a custom designer at the House of Couture.

We offer 3 types of classes –

(i). Alterations

(ii). Making Basic Garments

(iii). Pattern Grading

You will learn how to use a sewing machine. Stitching the machine, finishing and sewing the inside of of your garment.

We will teach you how to cut and fit your pattern. Basic alteration skills including finishing jeans, and sleeve lengths and more. We also may showcase your design in one of our upcoming events.

Class Schedule

(i). Tuesday 5pm -7pm

(ii). Thursday 5pm – 7pm

(iii). Saturday 4pm – 6pm

Please email to learn more.

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