Essentials to Remember When You’re Wedding Dress Shopping

Essentials to Remember When You’re Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping and fittings can be a joy as well can be a tough experience at times. Finding the right wedding dress takes time, effort and patience.

The time of day you try your dress on matters.

Remember that slipping on gown after gown at a bridal boutique is akin to a workout! “We recommend dedicating a full day to the search instead of trying to run over after work or between errands,” says Steele. “It’s important that you try on your gown in good, bright, light, and also in lighting that is similar to the lighting for your wedding. If you’re getting married outside during the day, make sure to check out the dress near a window. If you’re getting married in a church with candlelight, try on the dress in dim lighting. An in-home try-on allows you to evaluate the dress in various lighting situations and different times of day.”

The friends and family you invite to help pick out your wedding gown can make or break the experience.

Only invite people who opinion you actually care about and value. Don’t feel like you need to invite the entire family so they can share their thoughts.

Don’t forget your undergarments.

You should wear the undergarments that will be similar to those you’ll sport on your wedding day, so opting for a strapless bra and thong in a neutral hue will be best.

Bridal gowns are sized differently from normal clothing.

This is an important fact to remember, as well as the fact that each designer’s sizing differs drastically from another’s

Shopping for you wedding dress is special and you should make it even more special with a custom wedding gown. Give us a call at The House of Couture 925 943-1505 or come visits us at 130 East Prospect, Danville CA 94526 13 miles from Walnut Creek. We would love the opportunity to make you the wedding dress of your dreams

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