‘The House of Couture’

An Ultimate Shopping Destination for a Personalized & Wonderful Experience

About the House of Couture

Founded in (session) as a local tailor in Danville, CA, the House of Couture is the world fame shopping destination for men and women both.

While maintaining our quality and standard, we always put the best efforts in each outfit we design for our customers. The concepts of customization and home appointments has made us way popular among our target audience.

Creating the mesmerizing head to toe bridal and groom looks is what we are specialized at. Going par the excellence, we have developed an expertise in designing and delivering the outfits like – Bridesmaids Dresses, Prom Night Attires, Tuxedos and Formal Wear.

Our latest and trendy selection of dresses is the biggest stack of styles and colors, including party, occasion, and prom dresses.

The House of Couture is nothing without the unforgettable contribution of Sharifa Raouf, the most talented and skilled designer in the Bay Area. She is no less than a magnificent colorist and an artistic designer. Her creativity and innovation have no match in the entire town.

Her taste in fabric selection and shaping up the attires in different styles is something people love the most about the House of Couture Collections.

Our dresses and outfits are designed and created with luxurious fabrics from the most legendary French, Italian, and Swiss mills, incorporating the conceptual flair of European couture.

To ensure the comfortability and versatility, Sharifa Raouf at the House of Couture has launched a series of summer collection with cosmopolitan styling and impeccable craftsmanship, which shines through in each of her custom wedding dresses, evening gowns, prom dresses, and even men's suits and tuxedos.

More About Sharifa Raouf

Being born and brought up in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sharifa Raouf has gone through a lot of struggles to reach where she is now and today.

Her unique taste in designing and an unstoppable passion has made it her the owner of the House of Couture.

To understand the taste and choices of different people, to adapt the latest trends in Fashion Town, she has travelled many places, interacted with many people and began her designing career as a costume designer of Miss California.

OFrom her entry into the United States, Sharifa has been maturing the idea to draw a fine line of clothing and accessories for the dynamic individual who loves to shine in comfort and restyle their look with every new day.

Being an Afghan Lady, she gives a unique touch in all the dresses she designs, a mix of Afghan and American Culture.

To explore the house of ultimate designs by Sharifa Raouf, to explore the house of your dream attires, visit our store, the House of Couture located in Danville, CA.